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    Castinghub’s Ranking Of Disney Villains

    They’re just so good at being bad!

    10. Captain Hook

    The guy hates kids, which pretty much solidifies his place as a villain. But, we can't help but laugh at his silly wig!

    9. The Queen of Hearts

    Taking a cue from chess, this queen is much stronger than the king. You know someone’s bad when their solution to everything is “Off with their heads!”, even losing a game.

    8. Hades

    You got to give it to him, Hades has some big dreams! He wants to be the king of the Gods, and that is no small undertaking.

    7. Gaston

    This guy just can’t seem to take a hint! He is apparently the world’s greatest hunter and the instigator that started the “Kill the beast” riot.

    6. Queen Grimhilde a.k.a. The Evil Queen, "Snow White"

    We all want to stay young and beautiful, but this queen takes it way too far!

    5. Jafar

    He would stop at nothing to get that genie and become king. His hunger for power is unstoppable, eventually leading to his downfall.

    4. Maleficent

    She has an unlimited supply of power and really great cheekbones, all the makings of the perfect Disney villain.

    3. Ursula

    She is a tricky one, using her magic to fool King Triton and Ariel to give up their powers so that she could become the ruler of the sea. Her reign was short but memorable.

    2. Cruella De Ville

    She’s crazy for spots, but what makes her so scary is that she’s got the money to pull off her scheme. Obviously, her priorities are not exactly in the right order.

    1. Scar

    Could there be any doubt? This guy is a smooth talking villain who is willing to kill Mufasa and exile Simba so he could be king! Not someone you want to mess with.

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