The Post Every Dystopian Novel Lover Needs To Read

Also known as fans of the Hunger Games

While the Hunger Games is extremely popular now, the dystopian genre is by no means a new phenomenon, so for all those who love the genre try these books.

2. Logan’s Run

People can only live up to a certain age in life, Logan who once enforced this law is now running from it.

3. The Windup Girl

What happens in a post-human society where calories become currency corporations use bio-terrorism.

4. Neuromancer

It explores connections and differences between humans and machines and how they are becoming more interdependent. It also coined the term “cyberspace”.

5. High Rise

Think “Lord of the Flies” but with adults and in a building.

6. A Clockwork Orange

Considered one of the best novels of the 20th century, Clockwork Orange tells the story of violent gangs and ruthless “droogs,” tackling heavy topics like good and evil, and human agency.

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