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Stop Bothering Me!

Do you ever meet such people in life: they keep asking help from you even something as simple as they could easily find the answer on google. Meanwhile, they don't think what you told them is right. That's ridiculous.

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Several weeks ago, my mom's friend Ann's first child was born. What a happy moment! While bringing up a baby is much more difficult, especially for the first time. So Ann visited my family frequently for some suggestions from my mom and grandmom.

There is nothing annoying when a young mother visits you to talk about parenting. My mom and grandma were both willing to answer her questions and give her some tips.

But one day, when it's heavy rainy and it's almost 1 o'clock in the midnight, our phone started ringing, urgent and on and on. My mom answered the phone and Ann told her the baby seemed to have a fever.

Mom told her how to measure the body temperature for the baby before with a basal body temperature thermometer.After bothering us, she still called a doctor coming to a conclusion: the baby is fine.

I don't understand why she kept worrying about her baby after my family told her the baby is fine. Maybe she thought we are not so professional? So why you came to us? Why not call the doctor directly? That's really the most annoying thing I can't bear. As a 29 young mom, don't you know google? If you don't trust us, you could search for the better answer online first!

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