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Be Wary Of Three Kinds Of Food Which Would Grow The Tumors

The cause of malignant tumors is the result of long-term comprehensive effects of many factors, including the living environment factors, the body's own immune system, metabolic function and genetic factors, diet is also one of the factors causing cancer. "But in any case, scientific, balanced eating habits and healthy lifestyles are necessary to maintain good health." Experts said, "We usually should eat some fresh vegetables, fruits, which can supplement the body immunity Cell immunity. " Now the new medical research shows that the impact of genes on cancer is also great. "Therefore, the public should develop the habit of regular physical examination, some diseases to early detection, early treatment, especially the family history of the public, should pay attention to these issues.

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Three types of food into the "blacklist"

1 barbecue food: get fat with a variety of carcinogens

When the fire barbecue, barbecue fat drops in the burning of charcoal will produce carcinogenic substances - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, including benzopyrene, four toluene and other 400 kinds of carcinogenic compounds. Some of these carcinogenic compounds through the barbecue into the human digestive tract, and some through the barbecue fumes into the human respiratory tract, these carcinogens in the body after accumulation, can induce gastric cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer. There is relevant information that eats barbecue women suffering from breast cancer risk than women who do not eat barbecue food 2 times higher.

Barbecue to eat healthily, one is to choose the right barbecue way, should choose the furnace roast, electric baking. Second, eat less fat, made with meat roasted, but should be removed when eating meat, charred must not eat, because of the burning part of the most carcinogenic substances. Many people like to eat barbecue when drinking a few glasses of ice beer, which also virtually increased the absorption of carcinogenic substances.

2 puffed food: easy to cause heavy metals exceeded

Popcorn may be the earliest puffed food, but not many people know that high temperature sealed lead cans made popcorn, the pot will contain a lot of lead. Puffed food contains heavy metals, one is to process such food often add leavening agent and the like additives, and second, food processing is through the metal pipe, metal pipes are usually lead, tin alloy, at high temperatures, The lead is easy to vaporize, vaporized lead will contaminate the puffed food.

In order to pursue the taste, some puffed food will be added to the surface of the hydrogenated oil, the longer the baking time, the higher the temperature, the more trans fatty acids will be produced. Trans-fatty acids can cause harm to the human body, eventually leading to obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, some malignant tumors, dementia, the incidence increased.

3 fried food: make people sick and not mind light

For the use of fried foods, more oil use will become our commonly known as "rolling oil." Spark oil contains a lot of trans fatty acids, will cause great harm to the human body. Such as fatty liver, high blood pressure, cholecystitis, stomach problems, diabetes, obesity, and even may increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and a variety of cancer.

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