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Be Careful Of Heat Stroke In Summer!

What is " Heat Stroke "? It may hurt us in this hot summer, badly. Read the real story below and share it with who you love.

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David is a scarf factory worker. He felt some physical discomfort at July 25 3 pm and went home in advance. About 4 o'clock, his brother found him unconscious, and spit a lot with a body heat. Then David was quickly sent to the hospital.

The doctor said, "the patient is a severe heat-shock patient.When you come in, our electronic thermometer can not measure his body temperature! Pulse to 153 times/min, breathing disappeared, blood pressure: 94 / 57mmHg. After a while, Body temperature was measured, reached 42.2 ℃! When human body temperature is over 41 ℃, it is dangerous, the brain will not regulate the body temperature, brain cells and other organs function minutes will be damaged due to high temperatures.

Heat stroke (HS), severe heat stroke, is due to exposure to high temperature and humidity environment caused by the body's core temperature increased rapidly, more than 40 ° C, accompanied by skin burning, disturbance of consciousness (such as delirium, convulsions, coma) And other multiple organ system injury serious clinical syndrome.

Here are some tips to avoid the HS. Share with your friends and family.

1.Don't go out to exposure under the heating sunlight. In order to avoid heat stroke, don't go out from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Try the outdoor activities in the shade.

2. Drink water even you are not thirsty. In the high-temperature weather, we must pay attention to add water. It's better to have soup for three meals every day.

3. Let the body get used to the temperature gradually. Do not set home air conditioning temperature too low. 10 minutes ahead of time to turn off the air conditioning, and so on to adapt to the outside temperature and then go out to avoid a cold and heat to the human blood vessels, especially the repeated contraction of cerebrovascular accident.

4.after careful attention to sweating. If you find dizziness, headache, half limb numbness, the whole body of the body, Fatigue and so on, may be "hot stroke" precursor, these two cases should be promptly sent to medical rescue.

We must pay enough attention to the serious consequences of HS. If there is a heat stroke around the friend, must be timely sent to the hospital! Parents have to pay attention to a small baby, prepare a body temperature thermometer to measure baby's body temperature. May everyone has a happy summer.

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