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13 Things You Can Bulk-Buy On Amazon To Make You Feel Like An Adult

Adulting has never been so easy.

Tim Lane / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Treat your tush to 45 rolls of Andrex toilet roll.

Promising review: "Excellent value, decent quality loo rolls. Buying in bulk is saving us money and it means we don't have to look around for the best price locally (loo roll is so expensive now!) These have worked out at £1 a week over the months we've been using them." – sooz

Get them on Amazon, £18.28.

2. Take your coffee addiction to a whole new level with 100 coffee filters.

Promising review: "Top quality filters, no unwanted flavors in the coffee and they work exactly as advertised." – Mr. M Regan - The Regsy

Get them on Amazon, £3.95.

3. Get serious about your washing-up with 5 litres of washing-up liquid.

Promising review: "Standard product. Bought it with my housemate to save money, absolutely worth it." – Ella

Get it on Amazon, £14.60.

4. Never go hungry with 40 packs of Indo Mie Mi Goreng instant noodles.

Promising review: "These instant noodles are fantastic! Packed with flavour and interesting eating them dry compared to the normal 'soupy' instant noodle products. The taste is the perfect blend of sweet soy sauce, savoury bouillon and spicy (slight kick) if you add the chilli powder. I would strongly recommend adding some Chinese sausage, a fried egg and spring onions to the mix to turn this into an incredible meal. Really delicious and exceeded all of my expectations. As a student, there is no better alternative!" – Thomas Flanagan

Get them on Amazon, £13.20.

5. Clean conscientiously with 200 recycled bin bags.

"Promising review: Does what's said on the tin, brilliant!" – anon

Get them on Amazon, £14.50.

6. Get your clean on with this jumbo pack of antibacterial wipes.

Promising review: "I order these every 6 months. They're worth every penny. Unlike most household wipes, these Kirkland have 1 smooth side and one textured side. Perfect for removing stubborn tea / coffee stains from tables, surfaces etc. They are much 'wetter' than other wipes and so, they go a lot further and each tub lasts months." – Helnik

Get them on Amazon, £16.70.

7. Stay squeaky clean with this four pack of Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser.

Promising review: "As a mother of three, with a 9-year-old gymnast and ballerina, a 6-year-old footballer and basically a rough player who is always being told to get off the floor, and a 4-month-old baby, this is something I cannot do without.

"Keeps my clothes not just clean but sanitised. I use along with the conditioner for extra softness and a lasting freshness but I notice the difference when I don't use the Dettol antibacterial laundry cleanser for my clothes, especially on my 6-year-old boy who also has eczema and would constantly itch. Prior to having this I would wash everything on 60 degrees to kill bacteria but I don't need to do that anymore. I save energy and stop spoiling my clothes which in the long run saves me money." – Ayonah

Get it on Amazon, £12.

8. Never run out of power with 40 Duracell batteries.

Promising review: "Bought these before Xmas so we had plenty in stock for the battery-operated lights on our banisters. Despite the fact that they were on most of the time over a 4 wk period, we only had to change the batteries once. Really good buy and a MUCH better deal than supermarket BOGOFs in terms of value and quantity so was delighted and can thoroughly recommend!" – AmazonWoman

Get them on Amazon, £24.39.

9. Look after your pearly whites with six packs of Arm & Hammer toothpaste.

Promising review: "This is a great no-frills toothpaste at a great price. I've started using nothing but this toothpaste at home and my mouth feels very refreshed!" – Ivan Suftin

Buy on Amazon for £16.92.

10. Eat sushi every night with this 20kg bag of sushi rice.

Promising review: "My partner and I eat a LOT of rice in our diet, and I'd decided to start making bento style lunches. If you find yourself buying a lot of Japanese style / sushi rice, this will save you SO much money. For two of us eating rice every second day, it lasted for 9 months. The rice itself is good quality." – Kitsuné

Get it on Amazon, £43.71.

11. Up your spring cleaning game with 50 microfibre cloths.

Promising review: "Absolutely brilliant - I use them in the kitchen - in the bathroom - for glass cleaning - general cleaning and polishing and dusting.

Once used I wash them using pre-wash at 50 deg and use no conditioner and they come out as new. I don't use those horrible yellow dish cloths or yellow dusters any more - these are way, way better." – TERRY KNAPPER

Get them on Amazon, £25.99.

12. Always be prepared with 33 Always Infinity sanitary towels.

Promising review: "Very pleased, much cheaper than buying from the supermarket/pharmacy. These pads are very absorbent, worth the extra price in my opinion." – Mhairi Bell

Get them on Amazon, £10.99.

13. Keep your feet toasty and your socks matched with 20 pairs of plain black socks.

"Lovely socks, very soft, lovely shape and fit, not had any blisters from them, and the toe end has no hard stitching so doesn't rub toes, apart from that nice and cheap price, and well packaged." – little li

Get them on Amazon, £10.99.