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    23 Things That Annoy The Fuck Out Of Librarians

    Why are we always portrayed as old and dowdy with an affinity for wearing cardigans?

    1. When people think that we actually shush people.


    2. Or they tell their kid "you need to be quiet or the librarian will tell you off".

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    3. When you get a request for a book that hasn't even been released yet.


    4. When a book is returned and it's absolutely ruined.


    5. Or when someone has clearly been eating their dinner while reading a book.


    6. When you try to spend time doing a witty display like this one but people don’t appreciate it.

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    7. When someone forgets their library card – you’re going to a library how can you forget it?


    8. When you're helping a kid with their homework but you don't understand it yourself.

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    9. When you've shown a customer how to use the computer 2984656 times that day and then they ask how to turn it on again.


    10. When someone returns a DVD but forgets to put the DVD back in the box.


    11. When the Summer Reading Challenge starts and you've got to get all clued up with the random theme.


    12. And start planning mazes, games, and events around things kids love that you've never heard of.


    13. When a kid is clearly lying to you that they've read their book for the Summer Reading Challenge.


    14. So you have to give them a little quiz and you realise they've basically only read the blurb.


    15. When someone complains that one of the puzzles doesn't have the right pieces.


    16. When you’re eavesdropping on the book club’s discussion and just as you’re getting into it a customer has the audacity to ask for help.

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    17. When you're shelving and realise that the person that did it before you has clearly never heard of the alphabet.


    18. Or the dewey decimal system.

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    19. But tbf you also often forget the alphabet and have to sing it under your breath.

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    20. When librarians are portrayed as old and dowdy in films and TV.

    21. Or ridiculously sexy in porn.


    22. When people ask you what you like to read but you have too many favourites and can't choose just one.


    23. And finally, when people say "oh no one goes to a library any more" and yet you're busy serving people in said library all day.


    Libraries are the greatest places ever!

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