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    23 Gross Struggles You'll Get If You're A Human Who Moults

    Everyone asks you if you have a dog.

    1. Your hair magically turns up everywhere.

    2. Brushing your hair means losing a ridiculous amount of it.

    3. And you kind of live in fear that you'll go bald.

    4. You hate collecting all your hair from your brush knowing you could have made good money if you sold wigs.

    5. You find hair embedded in your clothes.

    6. And your bed.

    7. You always find a clump of hair in the washing machine that looks exactly like this.

    8. The worst is finding hair in your tights and having it wrapped around your toes.

    9. Your friends have asked if you have a dog before.

    10. And they pretty much always leave your house with a little momento.

    11. You always have to have one of these badboys on hand.

    12. Your longest and most meaningful relationship is the one you have with your hoover.

    13. Because together you have gone through the horror of pulling your stuck hair from it.

    14. If you have carpet you have to clean it by scraping your foot along it just to pick up hair.

    15. You're constantly finding your own hair in your food.

    16. But what is worse is when you randomly find hair in your mouth and you've not been eating anything.

    17. Most of the showers you take are you just pulling out your hair

    18. And then not knowing what to do with it while it sticks on your hand.

    19. So you end up putting it on the shower wall until you've finished until you're surrounded by walls of your own hair.

    20. Your hair honestly gets everywhere in the shower, even on the soap.

    21. So then you're kind of just showering in a tiny pool of water created by your hair plug.

    22. At the end of the shower you have to carefully extract your gross hair plug from the drain.

    23. But ultimately nothing is worse than extracting one of your hairs from your butt.