17 Bunnies Who Have Reached Peak Fabulousness

Get a pen and paper and take notes.

1. This bunny is just taking a break from running a top fashion magazine to critique your outfit.

2. And this one can pull off hats and knows it.

3. These bunnies are just having a cute get together, life has really caught up with them and they haven’t been able to have a good natter in months but nothing has changed between them.

4. This little one wants you to know flairs are back and she WILL carry them off.

5. This cutie is just living her best bumble bee life.

6. You have just shown this bunny a piece of your original art, she can’t believe you have the gall but she has a meeting at the MOMA soon so she isn’t going to spend time dragging you.

7. Get this bunny on America’s Next Top Model right now.

8. You’ve probably seen this bunny at Coachella making heads turn.

9. Just look at this cutie absolutely werking knitwear.

10. This fierce thing is about to drop the hottest mixtape of all time.

11. Catch this bunny on the Upper East Side working for a top law firm.

12. This bunny lives for a good night out and is actually rumoured to be the sixth Kardashian sister. The paternity tests haven’t come back yet but the leopard print gives it away.

13. This cutie is a glam diva through and through.

14. Don’t bother this tiny professor with your silly questions, he’s bogged down in papers to mark while simultaneously looking fabulous.

15. This bunny knows there’s nothing more chic than a plain black scarf.

16. Oversized beanies are in and this bunny needs you to get on board with this trend right now.

17. Oops you just caught this bunny on a cute winter walk at her country home, sure you can get her autograph as long as it’s quick.

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Cassie Smyth is a junior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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