We Need To Talk About Claudia Winkleman

The combination of that fringe and eyeliner is utter perfection.

1. We need to talk about the goddess that is Claudia Winkleman.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

2. She is the queen of the fringe and always has been.

3. She even festively decorates her fringe.

4. And knows what the people want hair wise.

5. Can we just take a look at that hair though.


6. She’s the biggest advocate for spray tans and it’s the greatest.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images / Via getthegloss.com

7. Because a a good glow = a good night.

It's the final. I'm wearing a dress 2 sizes too small and have had 3 spray tans. Boof.

— Claudia Winkleman (@ClaudiaWinkle)

8. She isn’t afraid to take the mickey out of herself.

9. Claudia is literally doing missionary work by teaching others about her iconic look.

Channel 4

10. Seriously, Claudia has the ability to brutally roast herself.

The sharpie eyeliners and Tippex lipsticks will be out in November. And they come with sweets.

— Claudia Winkleman (@ClaudiaWinkle)

11. She shares true British values.

I love Ant and Dec so so so so much

— Claudia Winkleman (@ClaudiaWinkle)

12. And uses her Twitter to talk about the important issues.

13. She’s a huge fan of the NHS.

14. Her friendship with Tess is just the cutest.

15. Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

16. Claudia isn’t afraid to embarrass herself on national TV.

17. And can even pull off this classic ’80s look.

18. She sometimes gets a little too over excited.

19. Like, very very excited. Which is adorable.

21. Which can sometimes make things awkward, but funny is hell.

22. She’s basically the best and should never, ever, change.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

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