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We Need To Talk About Claudia Winkleman

The combination of that fringe and eyeliner is utter perfection.

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2. She is the queen of the fringe and always has been.

Instagram: @amiclaudiawinkleman

4. And knows what the people want hair wise.

Twitter, I love you. No fringe = bad. Fringe = good. Consider it done. X


7. Because a a good glow = a good night.

It's the final. I'm wearing a dress 2 sizes too small and have had 3 spray tans. Boof.


10. Seriously, Claudia has the ability to brutally roast herself.

The sharpie eyeliners and Tippex lipsticks will be out in November. And they come with sweets.

11. She shares true British values.


17. And can even pull off this classic '80s look.

Instagram: @amiclaudiawinkleman

20. She's unashamedly honest.