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    18 Power Washing Photos That Will Turn You On

    We can not be blamed for the oncoming arousal. H/T r/powerwashingporn.

    1. This chair is just too damn sexy.

    2. And steps have never been so erotic.

    3. Who knew roof tiles could make you pregnant?

    4. Oh baby just look at that decking.

    5. This difference is honestly just too much.

    6. This is the stuff of dreams.

    7. This bench needs a NSFW badge on it.

    8. And this fence should come with a sign saying "Warning: Too sexy to handle".

    9. Paving is hot, there I said it.

    10. The soot being washed off of this building is seductive AF.

    11. Who knew a plastic chair could give you a boner?

    12. This fence is about to undergo one very sexy transformation.

    13. This provocative paving needs to stop making us all look bad.

    14. And this one could at least try to be ugly.

    15. There's actually nothing more sensual than moss being washed off by essentially a high pressure hose.

    16. This paving is giving you a come-hither look.

    17. And this fence is honestly R-rated.

    18. This table transformation might as well be performing a burlesque routine in sexy lingerie.

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