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    18 Tweets That Prove Niall Horan Is The Most Wholesome Member Of One Direction

    "So I started Stranger Things last night and hid behind a pillow for 55 mins. Jesus that’s intense."

    1. When he directly complimented Mila Kunis even though she doesn't have twitter.

    Just been to watch 'bad moms' ! Holy shit that was funny . Love your work mila .

    2. When he just wanted to know how all of his followers were doing.

    3. When he was Marit's biggest fan.

    Had the coolest little goodie bag on the plane with this letter enclosed . Marit was quiet as a mouse for 10 hours . Goodluck to both dads

    4. When he politely disagreed with the dragging of One Direction's Halloween costumes.

    Someone said to me today , " you weren't very well dressed up for halloween" I totally disagree. We were the 6 best dressed in my eyes

    5. When he really just wanted to be left alone but had to ask in the politest way.

    Don't wana see a single person today , thanks ! really really fun night with everyone but today , don't talk to me

    6. When he urged everyone in Ireland to repeal the 8th.

    Cmon Ireland ! This is your day to make another great decision. Please do right by the great women of our nation . 🇮🇪

    7. When he got unnecessarily angry at falling asleep on the couch.

    Keep falling asleep on the couch , waking up and going upstairs and then not been able to sleep when I get there. Bullshit

    8. When he tweeted Liam Payne this.

    @Real_Liam_Payne do ya wana smell my armpits ? Yes or no?

    9. When he displayed his really solid taste in music.

    Uber driver got @JLSOfficial first album on CD . That’s what I’m talking about .

    10. When he couldn't handle the stress of watching Stranger Things.

    So I started ‘stranger things’ last night and hid behind a pillow for 55 mins . Jesus that’s intense

    11. When he just wanted to catch up on TV like the rest of us.

    When I get home I’m going to go on a two week TV Binge . Feel like I’ve missed everything

    12. When his favourite song was the greatest song ever.

    Loved playing one of my favourite songs of all time ' Dancing in the moonlight ' by the great thin lizzy today 500 words

    13. When he knew Louis too well.

    Hahaha @Louis_Tomlinson is going to love this

    14. When he just wanted new knees.

    I want the knees of a 23 year old , it's not even funny anymore. Playing football for an hour should have no repercussions for a 23yr old

    15. When his review of Japan as a country was actually the cutest.

    Loving Japan ! Gigs are amazing , food is amazing , people are nice , as a nation it pretty much smashes it

    16. When he adorably realised he was really enjoying his own song.

    Had a weird moment just now where @BBCR1 played ' Too much to ask' and as it started I went " oh I know this song " Hahahah never gets old

    17. When he just needed to tweet about his coffee and the weather.

    Love gettin to a city and just walking around , go have a coffee , lunch ... Good times! Frickin cold out today and i didn't bring a coat

    18. And finally, when he encouraged his followers to vote.

    Voting day ! Very important that if you have a vote , use it !

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