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19 Snapchats That Are Too Wholesome To Be True

Snapchat CAN be wholesome.

1. When it gave us this blast from the past.

2. When this doggo was ridiculously heartwarming.

3. When a group of friends pranked their roommate by building a utility closet in their room.

4. When it gave us this Drake lookalike.

5. When this dog had a meltdown.

6. When it exposed this spoiled cat.

7. When it provided us with this mugshot.

8. When it gave us this very good boy.

9. When it gave us this politically active guinea pig.

10. When it gifted us with this cutie.

11. When it promoted self love.

12. When it exposed this lazy pup.

13. When this guy added his mum on Snapchat.

14. When this cat found a new career path.

15. When it shed light on this piece of art.

16. When this crow got the love and attention it needed.

17. When this pupper got in trouble.

18. When this beautiful friendship blossomed.

19. When it gave us this ultimate payback.

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