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    31 Times CGP Revision Books Were Fucking Hilarious

    "The name's Bond, Peptide Bond."

    1. CGP revision guides are great!

    2. Not only are they educational, they also deliver top-notch humour like this:

    3. And this:

    4. Sometimes the jokes are beautifully childish.

    5. And sometimes they take a minute to understand.

    6. CGP finds the humour in everything, even maths.

    7. And physics.

    CGP / Twitter: @Charlie_Wareing

    A million pun-points for this one.

    8. And biology.

    9. Okay, mostly biology.

    10. You can't help but feel for the poor animals they use for the punchlines.

    11. Like this little guy.

    12. And this startled sheep.

    13. Some of the jokes are just savage.

    14. And they aren't afraid to give themselves a pat on the back for their ruthlessness.

    15. They make sure you're always learning, like this page crease which visually teaches you about reproduction.

    16. Sometimes they can be a little inappropriate.

    17. And sometimes very inappropriate.

    18. Surely this is a bit racy for a revision guide?!

    19. They never miss an opportunity to crack a joke.

    20. Because as every good GCSE student will know, the real gold is always found at the bottom of the page.

    21. Like this timeless joke.

    22. And this childish masterpiece.

    23. They even make jokes about the imminent doom of exams.

    CGP / Twitter: @rachharris_


    24. Most of the jokes are just plain corny.

    25. They *try* and stay culturally relevant.

    CGP / Twitter: @JamesrmNicholl

    A good ten years too late...

    26. Some of them are beyond gross.

    27. This one got a little meta.

    28. And just when you think the hilarity is over...

    29. They bring out these gems.

    30. They truly do save the best 'til last.

    31. Thank you CGP for making revision a little more bearable.

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