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    25 Things You'll Get If You 50% Love And 50% Hate Your Sister

    You can talk shit about her, but no one else can.

    1. You and your sister have always been close, and have got each other's backs.


    2. But that doesn't mean you're not without your fights.

    As a girl who grew up with an annoying little sister the most unrealistic thing about Frozen is how Elsa never tried to kill Anna on purpose

    3. For example, you have the same taste and would happily lend her something from your wardrobe.

    4. But you actually would hit the roof if she kept it for more than the agreed amount of time.

    Found my missing cardigan when my sister posted a FB pic of her wearing it.

    Twitter: @kristinagjordan

    5. You share every aspect of your life with her, even your dreams.


    6. But sharing space with her is a nightmare.

    7. There's really nothing better than curling up together and watching a film.


    8. But as soon as she doesn't want to watch what you want to watch a war breaks out.

    9. You are so happy for all the success she's had in her life and support her every step of the way.


    10. But then again why did she have to set the bar so fucking high?


    11. You're always bickering over the stupidest stuff.

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    12. But you're a team when it comes to arguments with your parents.

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    13. You value her advice when things are getting rough.


    14. Although sometimes, SOMETIMES, it feels a little bit like she's rubbing it in a little.


    15. She's always got your back and you'll call her when you're scared of something in your house.

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    16. Although you're really not above being petty to each other.


    17. You kind of live for cute pictures of you two together when you were young.

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    18. But OMG if you find a hilarious old photo of her then it's going on Instagram.

    19. You think your sister is beautiful in every way.

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    20. However you make sure to keep embarrassing photos of them as blackmail, just to keep them grounded.

    21. You can talk shit about her all day.

    22. But if anyone else does then they're dead.

    23. You get so pissed off at the littlest thing she does.

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    24. But honestly you miss her when she's not around.


    25. And of course, you also need her around to bring you loo roll.

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