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    May 9, 2017

    21 Things That Happened At Every '00s Girls' Sleepover

    You were fuelled by Haribo Tangfastics and gossip.

    1. You'd spend ages taking the perfect webcam photos of the group and using all the fun effects.

    I remember in year 7/8 when i had sleepovers we'd always take pictures with like every effect on webcam toy and post them everywhere aw lol

    2. And you had to make sure you all did this pose.

    3. Or this pose.

    4. You would watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie, even if you were too old for it, because thats the only true representation of real love.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    5. You'd talk about who you like like, even though everyone knew already.

    Universal Pictures

    6. And worked out little weird little plans to get them to like you.

    Cartoon Network

    7. You'd make up a dance routine to Britney's Toxic.

    8. Of course you'd raid the corner shop for Haribo Tangfastics, Butterkist popcorn and strawberry laces.

    9. It was paramount that you'd watch a scary movie like Paranormal Activity and laugh and assign each other characters.

    Paramount Pictures

    10. And then absolutely shit yourself when it was time to go to sleep.


    11. You'd talk about periods like you were the first people who had ever even heard of them.

    2 Dope Queens /

    12. And you'd discuss bras at length as if they were the most exciting thing to ever happen.


    13. You'd make sure to find out who unnecessarily wore extra padded bras.


    14. And for some reason you'd all sleep in your bras just so everyone knew YOU WORE A BRA.

    I remember in middle school it was social suicide to sleep without a bra on at sleepovers. I never followed that rule fuck that.

    15. You'd go on Omegle and scream when you'd see a penis.


    16. You'd obviously change your MSN name to show that you were at a sleepover "with the gyals."

    17. You'd pretty much spend the whole night making all of your friends into one of these little characters.

    18. You'd even let your friend go on your MSN account and talk to your crush about you. Then you'd be like "OMG I'm so sorry I was hacked I don't actually fancy you" when they rejected you.


    19. At some point the parents would yell at you to stop gossiping and go to sleep.


    20. But you'd made a pact that you were all going to pull an all nighter and fight off the sleep.


    21. Eventually though you'd all dose off while talking absolute nonsense.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

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