15 Things Sold On Etsy That Prove It's One Of The Weirdest Corners On The Internet

    Haunted dolls and Ogre dicks, Etsy really is something else.

    1. This haunted doll called Winnie.

    2. This 17th Century French Throne With Dragon Arm Rests.

    3. This ridiculously expensive, limited edition, commemorative Princess Diana Beanie Baby.

    4. This Patrick the Ogre Dildo.

    5. This Furry Goat Mask.

    6. This Georgian Gold & Emerald ring from 1743.

    7. This Monster Marionette Doll.

    8. This Radio Controlled Zeppelin.

    9. This £16,000 tiny Baby Lala Doll.

    10. This Vintage Haunted Ring that's supposedly haunted by a powerful ghoul.

    11. This Haunted Mansion Lifesize Caretaker.

    12. This 18th Century White Nephrite Jade Vase from the Qianlong Qing Dynasty.

    13. This Plague Bearer Demon Silicone Mask.

    14. This handcrafted Woodland Fae Shrine, which is going for £40,000.

    15. This Phallic Sculpture.