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The Definitive Ranking Of Mary Berry's Jackets

She's the real showstopper.

25. The timeless pink jacket.

Love Productions / BBC

This is a classic Mary look. In fact she should probably have it copyrighted.

24. The gold sequin number.

Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images

The little touch of gold sequins lets us know she's glamorous but that she's still Mary from the block.

23. The royal blue power blazer.

Love Productions / BBC

She reeks of power in this outfit, but that's to be expected from the queen of cakes.

22. The classic hot pink jacket.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

This twist on her go-to hot pink jacket shows she's always pushing the boundaries.

21. The summer floral.

Love Productions / BBC

Not even almond and raspberry croissant can take away her summer vibe. OK, maybe it can a little.

20. The winter floral.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

This outfit reads, "Yes, this is my 12,357,696th cook book and, yes, I'm still the best in the game."

19. The rose garden realness.

Rex / Shutterstock

Here she is next to a giant cake and still all eyes are on Mary. She's the real showstopper.

18. The baby pink polka-dot jacket.

Mark Bourdillon / BBC / Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon

Rumour has it she was the original Baby Spice, then she found her calling in cakes and she was replaced by Emma Bunton.

17. The botanic blazer.

Love Productions / BBC

If you look closely you can see Mary saying, "Get your filthy hands off my jacket, Paul" through gritted teeth.

16. The mint blazer.

Love Productions / BBC

Remember that week Mel and Sue also tried to wear colour-blocking blazers and paled in comparison?

15. The dark blue blazer.

Love Productions / BBC

This is a photo of Mary disgusted at the fact that no one else can keep up with her fashion. She's miles ahead and is tired of having no competition.

14. The jazzy jacket.

Love Productions / BBC

If you zoom in and squint a little you can almost see the 16 other people in the photo.

13. The blue floral.

Love Productions / BBC

Here's Mary laughing at everyone else's attempts at fashion.

12. The canary yellow jacket.

Love Productions / BBC

She outshines even the brightest of colours.

11. The flashy bomber.

Love Productions / BBC

This one makes her look like a Parisian street-style blogger who was thinking of going back to modelling, but she just got an internship at Vogue.

10. The gold blazer.

Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images

Mary can do it all, but she excels at glamour. Just look at her working her angles.

9. The body warmer.

Shine TV / BBC

Here's Mary proving that she can do not only glamour, but also country chic. Body warmers have never looked so couture.

8. The blue sports jacket.

Love Productions / BBC

When she stepped on to our screens in this number we knew she was an icon. They said baking *and* cool sports jackets could never mix, but she proved them wrong.

7. The tartan blazer.

Love Productions / BBC

Mary is literally making fashion It girl Alexa Chung look like fashion roadkill.

6. The floral dream.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Mary's stood next to a giant flower arrangement and is just laughing at the fact that it will never be as floral as any of her jackets.

5. The long, elegant jacket.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

This is Mary after receiving her CBE for her jacket game.

4. The yellow waterproof.

Shine TV / BBC

Just when you thought she couldn't get any better, she catches her own lobster for her spinoff cooking show, and looks effortlessly stylish in the process.

3. The lilac bomber.

Love Productions / BBC

This pastel dream places third, for showing the nation that you can never be too cute.

2. The white leather.

Love Productions / BBC

In second place is this cool white leather, obviously. After filming this episode Mary hopped on a motorbike and drove straight to Paris Fashion Week.

1. The bird bomber.

Love Productions / BBC

The winner is this orange stork-print bomber jacket! As soon as the nation saw Mary wearing this show-stopping jacket they had to have it: M&S had sold out of it before the show had even ended. Mary Berry is a true style icon.

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