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28 Snapchats That Will 100% Make You Smile

Snapchat is the original home of comedy.

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1. This well-meaning child.

2. This awkward situation.

3. This alternate timeline.

4. This heartbroken baggage.


5. This actual minion.

6. This realisation.

7. This role reversal.

8. This Scrooge.


9. This dangerous animal.

10. This pupper who knows how to play hard to get.

11. This revolutionary construction.

12. This horrific realisation.


13. This friendship that has been reunited.

14. This ridiculous bill.

15. This genius dog owner.

16. This unnerving surprise.


17. This new species.

18. This miraculous moment captured perfectly.

19. This incredible invention.

20. This Lion King recreation.


21. This fierce kid.

22. This traumatised child.

23. This sassy chicken.

24. This revenge of the seagull.


25. This baby celebrity impersonator.

26. This botanical breakthrough.

27. This confusing store.

28. These transforming doggos.