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33 Brummy Sentences That Will Confuse The Fuck Out Of Everyone Else

"Lets 0121."

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1. "I'll meet you by Rackhams." - I will meet you where Rackhams used to be years ago.

2. "Ta-ra a bit."- See you later.

3. "Nah he's wagging it today." - No, he's not in today.

4. "He's looking after the babby today."- He's taking care of the baby.

5. "It’s a bit black over Bill’s mother’s."- The sky's dark and it looks like it's going to rain.

6. "Meet me on the ramp."- Meet me outside the Palisades.

7. "I'll have some pop."- Can I have some lemonade?

8. "I can do a gambol."- I can do a forward roll.

9. "Never in a rain of pigs pudding." - It's never going to happen.

10. "Stop Clarting About."- Stop messing about.

11. "Do one."- Go away.

12. "Quit your chobbling."- Stop chewing so loudly.

13. "Deaf it."- Forget it.

14. "Go round the island."- Go round the roundabout.

15. "I'll have a bacon bap, please bab."- I'll have a bacon sandwich, please love.

16. "You've got a face as long as Livery Street."- You look pretty miserable.

17. "I've got a cob on today."- I'm in a real mood today.

18. "I need a waz."- I need a wee.

19. "You're such a nawse."- You're so annoying.

20. "Stop your squittering."- Stop chattering away.

21. "He's just pithering about."- He's just faffing about.

22. "She's blarting again."- She's crying again.

23. "You've got to go through the gully."- You've got to go through the alley.

24. "That's mint that is."- That's great.

25. "She ain’t getting the babby a frock and pinny."- She's wasting time.

26. "Can you stop chopsing?"- Can you stop arguing back?

27. "Mum can I have a tip-top?"- Mum, can I have an icelolly?

28. "Lets 0121."- Lets leave.

29. "See you by the bull."- I'll meet you next to the bull statue outside the Bullring.

30. "Now go play up your own end."- Get lost.

31. "I've slummocked all day."- I've lazed around all day.

32. "Wanna go up town tonight?"- Want to go out out tonight?

33. "He's gone yampy."- He's lost the plot.

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