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21 Times Andrew Was The Most Precise Baker On "Bake Off"

"I’ve got to maintain my reputation as a reputable engineer."

1. Aerospace Engineer Andrew has been the most precise baker to ever grace the tent.

2. He came prepared with a stance that enhanced his meticulousness.

3. And a sponge squat that meant he could pay particular attention to the small details.

4. He was never without his tools.

5. And even made his own.

6. He came equipped with his ruler.

7. And he even measured his strawberries with it.

8. He used fancy construction words like "bisect" to describe cutting his marjolaine.

9. And of course the ruler was then used to get the most accurate bisection possible.

10. He didn't always need it though, he was also the master of freehand piping.

11. Baking was a sport he took very seriously.

12. Timing was everything for Andrew, as shown by the intricate spreadsheet he made for the final showstopper.

13. His preparation didn't end there, he even created blueprints for his gingerbread house.

14. Which of course consisted of a mere 37 pieces.

15. He went to great lengths for a pefect bake.

16. He only used the most scientific methods.

17. Because baking was an exact science for Andrew.

18. Which resulted in some incredibly technical bakes.

19. Like these absolutely genius pie cogs!

20. And even though he very occasionally had a little slip up.

21. He was still the absolute king of perfection!