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    21 Photos That Garlic Bread Lovers Will Appreciate

    The union of garlic and bread is just so pure.

    1. Garlic bread is the greatest bread in the world.

    2. It comes in many forms.

    3. Like delightful dough balls.

    4. Also beautiful breadsticks.

    5. And vibrant crunchy flat breads.

    6. It can really make a meal.

    7. And it pretty much goes with everything.

    8. It can sometimes just be a meal in itself.

    9. Garlic bread is honestly art.

    10. If it wasn't so delicious it would be hung up in a gallery.

    11. Garlic bread is the most wholesome side as it can be shared with friends.

    12. Though, if you're a true garlic bread lover you'll keep it all to yourself.

    13. The union of garlic and bread has been celebrated throughout the ages.

    14. Many people choose to stack theirs in appreciation.

    15. Or bake impeccable loaves to please the garlic bread gods.

    16. Some plait their garlic bread to show that carbs can be glamourous.

    17. Whatever you choose to do, know that garlic bread is perfect in all forms.

    18. And will never let you down.

    19. Garlic bread will always be by your side.

    20. And will always be there to fill you with garlicy joy.

    21. Which will make you say "Mmmmmmm garlic bread".