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    People Are Pissed That Melvin Odoom Was Voted Off "Strictly"

    Anastacia couldn't perform but kept her place in the show.

    Melvin Odoom and Janette Manrara were the first couple to leave Strictly last night due to a shock elimination.


    Melvin was in the bottom two with Anastacia and therefore in the dance off. However, Anastacia could not perform due to a tear to a scar from a double mastectomy.


    So the decision went down to the public vote and Melvin and Janette left the competition.

    And viewers had a lot of opinions.

    Some thought it was unfair that Melvin was voted off when Anastacia didn’t even perform.

    Really unfair that Melvin has gone if Anastacia couldn't dance she should forfeit her place #scd #StrictlyComeDancing

    If Anastasia is that ill she should have withdrawn. I can't see that a muscle tear can repair itself in a week #StrictlyComeDancing

    Others others suggested there was a pattern relating to race in the public vote.

    Oops. The Curse Of Strictly Racism strikes again.

    wow i love strictly come dancing and also casual racism

    It's not the first time the show has been the centre of racial controversy. Just last year, contestant Anthony Ogogo criticised the show for pairing up the two people of colour.

    However, plenty of people defended the vote.

    If you wanted Melvin to stay, you should have voted for him. You can judge Anastacia's decision when you have a double mastectomy #Strictly

    If you wanted #Melvin to stay in #Strictly you should have picked up the phone and voted! Why all the hate for @AnastaciaMusic

    If all the people raging at #Melvin leaving #Strictly had voted for him then he wouldn't have been booted from the show.

    Melvin has since tweeted:

    I have really enjoy my @bbcstrictly experience ....I have had so much fun and want to thank everyone for their supp…

    And has told the BBC "I love Anastacia, I think she's a great woman, she's a great role model and her health comes first before everything else."

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