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    23 Paint-Mixing Videos That Are Relaxing AF

    Soooooo mesmerising.

    1. This beautiful pastel palette.

    2. And this pastel blend.

    3. This pink swirl.

    4. This ocean wave.

    5. This neon masterpiece is so relaxing.

    6. This multicoloured mix.

    7. This hypnotic press.

    8. This glitter swirl.

    9. And this golden glitter fusion.

    10. This aqua dream.

    11. This systematic stir.

    12. And this colourful swirl.

    13. This luminescent mix.

    14. This festive spread.

    15. This primary-colour fusion.

    16. And this satisfying swirl.

    17. This tool is just so mesmerising.

    18. And so is this tiny tool.

    19. This monochrome whirl.

    20. This gorgeous mix.

    21. This hypnotic pour.

    22. This picturesque mix.

    23. And finally, this mesmerising metallic mix.