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    23 Times Nadiya Hussain Was An Absolute Badass Babe

    Is there nothing she can't do?

    1. When she was proud of who she is.

    2. And when she wasn't afraid to stand up for herself.

    3. When she was ridiculously relatable in her love of cheese and refused to apologise for it.

    4. And when she gave us this important information that made us feel less alone in our naptime snacking.

    I fell asleep with a midget gem in my mouth. That is all.

    5. When she told this hater right where to go, in the most uplifting and Nadiya way possible.

    6. When she taught us all how to deal with our anger issues.

    7. When she was prepared to take a million blows just to help one other person.

    8. When she declared herself as an alpha woman and we all agreed with her.

    9. When she hilariously refused to pretend that something was tasty.

    10. When she wasn't going to take any shit for literally just baking a pasty.

    11. Seriously, she has the best comebacks.

    12. When she decided to go out and travel on her own.

    13. And was mega brave about it, empowering us all.

    14. When she just couldn't hear your hatred over all of this sass.

    15. When she was passive aggressive AF.

    16. When she had her priorities completely right.

    17. When she met hatred with a whole lot of love.

    18. When she brightened our days with brilliant facial expressions like this.

    19. And of course when she made everyone proud on Bake Off.

    20. When she showed her deadpan humour and made us all crack up.

    21. When she went fully in on a troll and showed no mercy.

    22. When she gave us all multiple-fridge goals.

    23. And finally, when she gave us this emotional speech which motivated us all to be that little bit more confident.