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    Literally Just 27 Hilarious Jokes About "Shrek"

    Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

    1. This miracle.

    2. This completely rational response.

    [Stock market crashes] "Oh no, I better check on my investments!" *opens cupboard over top of the sink* [1000s of Shrek dvds fall out]

    3. This day of dreams.

    4. This twist on pop music.

    5. This horrific truth.

    6. Seriously, why is this a thing?

    7. This totally true fact.

    8. This important piece of advice.

    9. This conspiracy.

    [checks window] [locks door] [starts to tweet] shrek was a d- [FBI agents burst into the room and leap on me] shrEK WAS A DOC UMENTArY

    10. This ultimate setup.

    11. This coming of age story.

    I got my first period during Shrek 2 live in theaters which means I entered Shrek 2 a child & left a woman

    12. This risqué outfit.

    13. This new take on a classic meme.

    14. These true icons.

    15. This spine-tingling song.

    16. This awkward moment.

    17. This touching relationship.

    Dad: and what are you thankful for? Me: *gently caresses photo of Shrek under the table* family...

    18. This sinking feeling.

    19. This unknown truth.

    If you read the Bible backwards it's the script for Shrek 2

    20. This meaningful moment.

    me: only meaningful lyrics get me fairy god mother from shrek: HIT IT me:

    21. This reliable doctor.

    22. This life or death moment.

    “My god, it’s the zombie apocalypse. Everyone grab the most critical items and get ready to run” *me holding a Shrek 2 DVD* Way ahead of you

    23. This ultimate romance.

    24. This art.

    25. This perfect first date.

    26. These four little words.

    27. Just this.

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