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    23 Times Springfield Didn't Deserve Lisa Simpson

    Long live the lizard queen!

    1. When she was the most cultured person in the town.

    2. When she exposed Springfield's fraudulent past, even when no one would listen.

    3. When she showed incredible humility by not hurting Bart in their epic ice hockey showdown.

    4. And when she forgave him for ruining her Thanksgiving centrepiece.

    5. When she was the ultimate feminist and understood the importance of supporting your sisters.

    6. And when she continuously tore down the patriarchy.

    7. Even when the patriarchal pressures she faced came from her own mother.

    8. When she wasn't afraid to call out the system.

    9. When she was always lovely to Ralph, and was extra nice after she snapped at him.

    10. When she was ridiculously empathetic.

    11. And stood up for what she believed in, defying the status quo.

    12. When Springfield Elementary closed down and she couldn't cope without the validation of education.

    13. When she created Lisa Lionheart because she wanted girls to be as independent and free thinking as herself!

    14. When she worked so hard to get "Jazzman" played on the radio as a tribute to Bleeding Gums Murphy.

    15. When she was the epitome of students who make teaching worthwhile.

    16. When Santa's Little Helper tore apart the family quilt and Lisa knew how much it meant to Marge so she sewed a new one.

    17. Every time she respected her parents, like when she made Homer quit his second job at the Kwik-E-Mart because his happiness was worth more than her pony.

    18. And when she understood why Homer put the crayon back in his brain, because she knew the alienation that comes with being smarter than your peers.

    19. When she got Bart's soul back after he sold it to Millhouse.

    20. When she was one of the most complex females on TV.

    21. Lisa is basically the most woke person to ever reside in Springfield.

    22. She truly sees the world for what it is.

    23. Long live the lizard queen!