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    23 "Lazy Town" Jokes That Quite Honestly Need To Be Stopped

    Who knew that a Kids TV show about fitness could have such a dark side?

    1. This classic film.

    2. And this absolute bop.

    3. This confession.

    4. This truly bizarre glimpse into the mind.

    someone: everything alright? you don't look too well me: nah i'm good my brain:

    5. This serenade for Robbie Rotten.

    6. This Mayor Milford Meanswell appreciation.

    7. This transformation.

    8. This totally real explicit screenshot.

    9. This brutal truth.

    LazyTown is a strictly communist nation. If you are capitalist and enter LazyTown you will be shot on sight.

    10. This meta meme.

    11. And this one.

    12. This flashback.

    Remember Stingy from LazyTown? This is him now

    13. This legendary saxophonist.

    14. And also this jazz legend.

    15. This iconic romance.

    16. This "We Are Number One" appreciation.

    Porn but every orgasm we are number one plays in it's entirety

    17. Seriously, people love that song.

    Bae: can we listen to something other than We Are Number One? Me:

    18. This analysis.

    i can't handle this annotation to lazytown's theme song

    19. This classic song.

    20. These character breakdowns.

    21. This embarrassing moment.

    22. This romantic song.

    23. This history making magazine cover.

    Robbie Rotten is the man of the year according to TIME. #Time #WeAreNumberOne

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