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15 Animal Cartoon Characters That Are Inexplicably Sexy

Yet another unrealistic beauty standard for squirrels.

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1. Lola Bunny, Space Jam

Warner Bros. Pictures

There was actually no need for the creators to make Lola this level of sexy. We get it Bugs Bunny is attracted to her, but she didn't have to be every teen's wet dream.

For reference, this is an actual rabbit.

Mark Hooper / Getty Images

Note that it doesn't have booty shorts, a crop top, and a great rack. If anything this rabbit is closer to human body norms as many of us rest in our own chins.


8. Georgette, Oliver and Company

Walt Disney Pictures

Georgette's character embodied that old sexist trope of "if you're hot you're also a massive bitch". Which was extra weird, because she was a dog oozing sexuality in a kids film based off of the Charles Dickens book, Oliver Twist.

9. Sandy, SpongeBob SquarePants


Why was Sandy always in a bikini and Spongebob in a suit? Squirrels have 8—10 nipples so if the bikini was so necessary sandy is gonna need to wear an additional three—four bras.


12. Gadget, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Walt Disney Television

Next up in this series of "rodents who need hourglass figures" is Gadget, whose human boobs are vital to her role as a mouse scientist. I'm sick of female mouse scientists being oversexualised for the young male gaze in kids cartoons.

13. Beast, Beauty and the Beast

Walt Disney Pictures

Beast was RIPPED, which made it difficult to view him as the antithesis of beauty. The creators couldn't even let a character called beast be unsexy. Human beast on the other hand...

14. Mousey Galore, Pinky and the Brain

Warner Bros. Television Animation

Pinky and Brain don't need clothes but Mousey Galore desperately needs a short, backless dress that accentuates her anatomically incorrect breasts. Her choker and russian villain shtick finish off that dominatrix look that is so popular in kids TV.