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    24 Jokes You'll Only Get If You Have Siblings

    "My brother once sat on me and farted until I passed out."

    1. When you take things a little too far:

    2. When your siblings can't even do the smallest thing for you:

    3. And when they're strangely kind:

    4. When it's finally your turn to be the favourite:

    [hugging mom at sister's funeral] "And you said I'd never be your favorite"

    5. When they're easy to prank:

    6. When they just can't let go of anything:

    Whe you ask your siblings to bring a glass of water, they will tell you how you treated them 3 months ago.

    7. When you have a lot to live up to:

    8. When you're forced to reconcile:

    9. When you're living in their shadow:

    #GrowingUpWithSiblings when you're the youngest and referred to as "oh, you're _____ little sister"

    10. When you have to protect your food:

    11. When you watch them stab you in the back:

    12. When you're doing the hardest job of all:

    I don't think I get enough credit in my family for making my siblings look successful.

    13. When they finally get what they deserve:

    14. When you have to babysit but also audition:

    When your mom says take your sibling with you

    15. When they're actually the worst:

    16. When someone has to take the blame:

    When you and your sibling break something and ya mom asks who gonna get they ass beat

    17. When you get caught:

    18. When you didn't like the same TV shows:

    19. When you pull off the greatest crime:

    20. When you're forced to bring in higher powers:

    21. When you refuse to share:

    Mom: "Do you want this?" Me: "No." Mom: "Ok I'll give it to your brother." Me: "No I want it."

    22. When you're in too deep:

    23. When they commit the worst crime of them all:

    #growingupwithsisters when your sister try's to leave the house wearing your shirt

    24. When you're the only one who can bad-mouth them: