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    23 Joe Lycett Tweets That Will Honestly Crack You Up

    "SURPRISING FACT: Ariana Grande is not walking 'side to side' after a heavy sex session but because of a particularly potent lamb bhuna."

    1. Joe Lycett basically owns Twitter.

    2. He is damn hilarious.

    All TV names should be like 'Who Do You Think You Are' eg 'What's Happening' for news & 'Who Is A Total Piece of Shit' for anything on C5

    3. And consistently provides timely hilarity.


    4. Like when he revealed this totally legit email.

    Wow these Hillary emails are quite revealing.

    5. And when he made this valid point about Bake Off.

    Oh, when Mary Berry stays at the BBC it's 'loyalty' yet when I do it it's 'inappropriate' and 'you can't literally stay here Joe, go home.'

    6. He makes incredible mum jokes.

    You should never touch the bedspread in hotels cause they only get washed once a month and that's the same reason I never touch your mom lol

    7. And is basically beauty and grace.

    8. Joe is a master of word trickery.

    It is with great regret that I retract my statement 'no regrets'.

    9. And clever jokes.

    It's with a heavy heart that I announce that I have an enlarged heart.

    10. He knows his accurate pop culture facts.

    11. And is always there for any celebs that need his help.

    . @SimonCowell Mate the top 17 buttons on your shirt are undone, just letting you know xoxo

    12. He has very specific tastes.

    AT THE SPERM BANK Nurse: There are lots of porn mags to help you... Me: I need a print out of all Piers Morgan & Alan Sugar's twitter spats.

    13. His Twitter is full of truth bombs.

    There is nothing to fear but fear itself and the 'less than 10% battery' notification.

    14. And just great life advice.

    15. Honestly, Joe should run for Prime Minister.

    Hell is an eternity of watching those X Factor talktalk ads

    16. TBH, he just sees through politicians.

    Theresa May is your aunt who leaves Christmas at 7pm cause she disapproves of playing cards against humanity.

    17. He's wholly accurate and everything.

    Hell is an eternity of cleaning the frying pan you just made scrambled eggs in.

    18. Seriously, everything.

    Been enjoying that show where Piers Morgan interviews incredibly violent, brutal women.

    19. In addition to being a hilarious tweeter Joe also leads a double life.

    The media pressure has become unbearable so I am forced to reveal the truth: I AM BECKY WITH THE GOOD HAIR 🍋🍋🍋🍋

    20. He's a mummy's boy.

    21. Even if she doesn't return the affection.

    I'm like Marmite in that I was only available in Waitrose today and everyone in my family hates me.

    22. Joe is Birmingham's resident oracle.

    In many ways Hodor is this generation's Mr Blobby

    23. And you should probably follow him on Twitter so you never miss one of his inspiring speeches.