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    11 "Jane The Virgin" Theories That Will Calm You Down After THAT Finale

    Spoilers ahead, obviously! H/T r/JaneTheVirginCW

    We really need to talk about that finale, we knew it was going to be explosive but I am shook to my very core.

    Firstly, let's get the dishevelled man in the room out of the way. Michael is back?! But how? Shouldn't he be dead?! Let's discuss some of the theories shall we.

    1. Michael has a twin.

    2. Somebody is wearing an elaborate mask of Michael's face.

    3. It is the real Michael and he has been working undercover this whole time.

    4. Michael has amnesia.

    Now let's talk about the shooting, all season the writers had us think we'd be asking "who shot JR?" but they flipped it on us and now we need to work out who JR shot.

    5. Milos is back from the dead and tried to kill Petra.

    6. It was Anežka back from the dead, again.

    7. JR shot Chuck Chesser.

    And there are some additional theories about the next season.

    8. Xiomara will die.

    9. Jane is the narrator of the show.

    10. Or Mateo could be the narrator.

    11. Jane could be pregnant!

    12. These may all seem a bit out there but after all this is a telenovela, right?