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    19 Times Jackie Aina Was The Most Real Makeup Guru On Twitter

    "I still don't know who Harry Styles is"

    1. When she refused to let Beyonce be insulted like this.

    2. When she was extra AF.

    3. When she just told the damn truth.

    isn't there like an actual gene that some people have where you CANNOT STAND hearing people open mouth chew? If that's a thing then I haz

    4. And when she said what we were all thinking.

    I love that social media allows me to find people that look like me, rather than just being forced to see whatever pop culture feeds us

    5. When she was the greatest scammer.

    hobbies include: going shopping to designer and department stores dressed bummy to see if anyone will actually help…

    6. When she made this realisation.

    isn't it crazy how "no yea" and "yea no" have two totally different meanings

    7. When she was just as lazy as us.

    I got excited because I got invited to the Glitter Run this year and then I remembered the "run" part

    8. When she wasn't afraid to take down the patriarchy.

    Men love saying women are too "emotional" but have you ever had to work with a man you've once rejected? Even if it was done politely) Lawd.

    9. And when she took down the beauty industry.

    "Darker skinned people don't buy as much in cosmetics" Because we don't have as much to buy in the FIRST PLACE

    10. When she was not the slightest bit dramatic.

    I just saw the biggest spider in my entire life in my house I came THIS CLOSE to cancelling my lease

    11. When she didn't get caught up in One Direction nonsense.

    I still don't know who Harry Styles is

    12. When she was a culinary genius.

    Denis just saw me boiling (sanitizing) my menstrual cup and goes ooo what are you cooking in there lmfaoooooooooooooooooo

    13. When she was the voice of the people.

    people who send text messages as multiple messages just like this instead of one whole text Stoppit 😭

    14. When she was a little too invested in the world of makeup.

    15. When she just wanted a good quality video of herself.

    lmfaoooo my friend just sent me this snap from the shoot today, what in the android is going ON 😭😭😭

    16. When she accused her boyfriend of cheating on her with herself.

    17. When she somehow wracked up this phone bill.

    18. And finally, when she gave us this incredible throwback and reminded us of bedazzling Blackberrys.

    lol no one could tell me anythinnnng when I DIY'd my blackberry into a @swarovski blinged out hello kitty