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    18 Iconic British Looks That Are Truly Timeless

    At least Bill and Ben know what avant garde is.

    1. Pat Butcher giving you the telling off of your life while simultaneously letting you know that velvet leopard print is back and she's the only one who can pull it off.


    Kylie Jenner could never.

    2. Jedward bringing us straight into the year 2986 where they are kings of fashion and anything without sparkle is banned.

    Vyacheslav Oseledko / AFP / Getty Images

    3. Deirdre Barlow still pulling off a mullet and giant glasses despite being sentenced to 18 months in prison for theft.


    All you hipsters have Deirdre to thank.

    4. Rupert Bear proving that well known rule that "bears pull off red and yellow best". / YTV

    Are... are those platforms he's wearing? Iconic.

    5. Oakie Doke taking Spring/Summer literally and wearing head to toe foliage.


    The Met Gala has never seen such high levels of edgy glamour.

    6. Peggy Mitchell letting you know she could have been a Bond girl if she wanted but being the most badass landlady and matriarch in existence is more important.


    7. Basil Brush serving foxy glamour with a hint of "my father's a lawyer so watch what you say".

    Basil Brush

    Basil is always dressed for a formal occasion so going to the Met Gala would be like popping to the shops for him.

    8. Ron Weasley honestly owning ruffles at the Yule Ball.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Tbh Harry Styles has probably already worn this look.

    9. Winnie-the-Pooh showing us that you should never be afraid to show too much skin/fur with a red crop top, and a red crop top only.


    10. Raven totally pulling off feathers and biker gloves while staring into your soul.


    Are we not even going to mention the decaying skull next to him? No, because that jacket is commanding our attention.

    11. Tracy Beaker letting us all know that contouring is out and heavy blush and blue eyeshadow is in.


    Celebrities should fire their makeup artists and hire Tracy right now.

    12. Mr Blobby serving pink and yellow realness.


    13. Paddington Bear saying no to the Burberry coat and yes to a blue coat and red rain hat.


    Priyanka Chopra wore that coat well but did she accessorize with a hidden marmalade sandwich?

    14. Peter from Tracy Beaker serving a bad boy look that A$AP Rocky can only dream of.


    15. The Chuckle Brothers bringing colour blocking back but making sure we all know that a fleece will never go out of style. Never.


    You've all been sleeping on Yellow v-neck vests. Wake up!

    16. Bill and Ben actually knowing what avant garde means and going fully for the artsy flower pot aesthetic.


    Everybody take note.

    17. Mr Motivator proving that no event is too formal for a bright vest and a few star jumps.


    18. Literally just Bridget Jones' giant gran pants.

    Universal Pictures

    Not the human inside them, but just the pants walking the red carpet and truly owning it.

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