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28 Hilarious Tweets You'll Only Understand If You've Done A Levels

"Or, as the newspapers know it, 'Pretty, smiling, blonde girls jumping in the air' day."

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Just to confirm that me and @katiejeffery1 are high fiveing because we both got an E in Geography @Essex_Echo


The 1st to spot a newspaper website with a photo of 4, 18 year old girls clutching paper & jumping, gets a pint of snakebite #ALevelsResults


when someone tells me I'll be ok tomorrow #alevelresults


To everyone worrying about their A Level results remember that Pitbull rhymed "Kodak" with "Kodak" and he is a millionaire #Alevelresults


if youre nervous about your exams just remember the most important thing is to nurture ur happy seed #alevelresults


roses are red violets are blue what uni will accept me with 2 E's and a U #Alevelresults


How every examiner will feel tomorrow 🙄 #alevelresults


Me every time I'm reminded it's results day tomorrow #alevelresults


When the weather forecast knows results day is coming... #alevelresults #resultsday


Back in my day we did not have A Levels. You were left in the woods from the age of 5 to 18 and if you survived that was your prize.


So this is basically all of the newspapers tomorrow. #resultsday #alevelresults


'A' level students, don't worry if you failed. I never even took 'A' levels but have led a great life.... although I do now live in a hedge.


My top tips for those getting their #alevelresults tomorrow!! Also works for life in general.


Don't worry if your A-Levels aren't what you were hoping for: an adulthood of creeping tragedy awaits everyone, regardless of results.


Need a sign saying 'mind your own damn business' that I can whip out every time someone asks me what I got tomorrow #alevelresults


A Level results day tomorrow. Or, as the newspapers know it, 'Pretty, smiling, blonde girls jumping in the air' day.


For anyone worried about their A-level results remember that it's too late to stop climate change & most of you will die fighting for water


Got their A levels: Hitler Stalin Piers Morgan Didn't get their A levels: Harambe. The case against A levels proven.


Have any celebs tweeted a humble brag about how badly they did in their A Levels "but look at me now" yet? Give it time.


DONT worry if you don,t pass you're A Levels, I didn,t either but your going to go far in life they're are plenty of opportunities out their


Don't worry about failing your A Levels this week. I didn't get any and apart from the whole living in a van thing, I've done alright. Keith


Is it even #ALevelResults day unless Jeremy Clarkson posts about how poor his results were but how rich he is???


My #ALevelResults were reasonable and now I run a Thomas the Tank Engine reactions account on Twitter. Don't let your dreams be dreams.


predicted grades vs actual results #alevelresults


a-levels are the most important thing ever and if u dont do well in them then ur gonna end up in a bin, if u do well u might become queen


When your mum tells you "you can't change anything now" for the millionth time #alevelresults


Why the fk did UCAS send this to my bf. Trying to steal my man I don't think so


Good luck with your A-levels everyone! If you don't have any and only got 2 GCSE's like me just be #emo and call yourself an 'artist'