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    Here's Why You Should Be Nice To Call Centre Workers

    There's nothing more humiliating than having to ask whether you can go to the toilet.

    1. It is literally impossible to get a straight answer from anyone.

    2. And call centres really open your eyes to the stupidity of the human race.

    3. You get paid absolute peanuts. / BuzzFeed / Cassie Smyth

    4. And you often only get paid commision, so your income depends on how good of a salesperson you are.


    5. The job is also actually ridiculously boring.


    6. And you spend all your time thinking about how many germs are on your face thanks to the headset.


    7. You're always being threatened in one way or another.

    8. If you're lucky you'll just get hung up on.

    Paramount Pictures

    9. But if you're not you get called all sorts of things.


    10. And have to continue to be polite on the phone even though you want to say this:

    Comedy Central

    11. You usually get someone's life story, even when you didn't ask for it.

    12. Although the worst is when you get graphic details about their ailments.

    The WB

    13. The manager is always standing over your shoulder making you question every single thing you do.


    14. And there are snakes everywhere.

    15. You often have to work weekends and nothing is worse than an early morning saturday shift.


    16. And there's no such thing as clocking out on time.

    17. No one believes you're you and you always get accused of being a machine.

    18. And even when you think you've got away from a customer you haven't.

    19. You're always answering angry calls from customers asking to be taken off the system.

    Working in a call center and people are pissed before you even speak to them

    20. So you have become a master at pretending to search the system while they cool off.

    Working at a call center has taught me to bullshit my way out of everything and anything.

    21. You have to put on a whole new persona and voice just to have the energy to deal with customers.

    22. You have to actually ask to go to the toilet.

    Most people think it is a myth that some call centre workers have to ask to go the toilet

    23. And then you can't even hide from work when you're in there.

    lol i just remembered the call centre i used to work in removed all the toilet seats so people wouldnt skive off by sitting on them & hiding

    24. And honestly, the worst part of it all is that your butt and back kill after sitting down on the phone for hours.


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