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21 Things You'll Get If You Used To Be Fit But Now You're Lazy AF

You used to be super fit, but now your only exercise is walking to the fridge.

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1. You used to be known as the sporty one.

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2. Because as a kid you played all the sports and were part of multiple sports teams.

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3. Now when you do exercise you mourn for your past self who found physical movement so much easier.


4. Not to brag, but you were also great at PE and always played centre in netball.

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5. But now organised sports seem like actual hell on earth.

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6. And you're thankful for every blissful day that you don't have to do PE.


7. You used to be super competitive and couldn't stand losing.


8. However, when you discovered the joys of drinking alcohol in a park your sporting career crumbled and you didn't give a fuck anymore.

9. You were ridiculously dedicated and couldn't start your morning without a swim or a run.

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10. But once you realised you didn’t have to get up at 6am on a Saturday the magic broke and you were suddenly lazy.

11. You never used to worry about your weight, because you couldn't have been healthier.

12. But those days are long gone and you wish you could have your slightly toned body back without putting in any of the work.

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13. There was nothing better than not being able to walk after a heavy session of squats.

14. Now you always take the lift because a single flight of stairs is actually just too much.


15. You used to take your core seriously and do sets of sit-ups before bed every night.

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16. Now the only sit-up you do is reaching for more food while watching Netflix.

17. You still hold on to your sporting achievements and know all your personal bests.


18. Because you have to cling on to your sporty past to justify all the cake you eat now.


19. And you constantly tell yourself you could probably be that fit again if you wanted to be, but in reality you're just too lazy.


20. Sure, you may not be at your physical peak any more.

21. But you kind of love being lazy and you wouldn't swap your relationship with food for anything.