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    23 Times Gina Linetti Took No Bullshit And Was Unapologetically Herself

    "Do you know how many basic bitches would kill to have the same personality as me?"

    1. When she really valued her friends so decided to tell them the straight-up truth.


    2. When she wasn't afraid to own her greatness.

    3. When she hypothetically challenged Britney in what would be a fair duel.


    4. When she met God.

    5. When she just wanted to find out what people thought of her.

    6. When she offered some great advice.


    7. When she was the victim.

    8. When she knew her worth.


    9. When she totally wasn't a blackmailer.

    10. When she wasn't afraid to promote her side hustle at work.

    11. When she was comfortable admitting to her failures.

    12. When she had one last request.


    13. When she knew exactly what makes a great politician.


    14. And when she knew she could surpass politics and go straight to queen status.


    15. When she worshipped the right person.

    16. When she knew that being a cop was totally doable and just a state of mind.

    17. And when she also declared herself as a state of mind.


    18. When she demonstrated her talents by putting on this extremely graceful and jaw-dropping dance routine.

    19. When she gave us the funniest exit in the history of exits.

    20. When she managed to see the silver lining of the night shift.

    21. When she just wanted to be a part of the cute moment.

    22. When she needed someone to say her name.

    23. And finally, when she baffled the psychologists just by telling them some home truths.