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    People On Twitter Are Loving This Campaign Against Sexual Abuse

    "Why is this not nationwide?"

    Lincolnshire county council recently ran the #NoMore campaign, which aimed to raise awareness of its sexual violence and abuse (SVA) services and promote "a culture change" in the area.

    As part of the campaign, the council released posters for clubs and bars saying that if someone was in an uncomfortable situation and in need of help they could go to the bar and "ask for Angela".

    Isobel O'Brien tweeted the poster and it went viral, getting more than 12,000 likes and more than 9,000 retweets.

    i saw this in a toilet and thought it was important and should be a thing everywhere not just lincolnshire !!!!

    O'Brien, 21, told BuzzFeed News: "I didn't expect to see it in the toilet but when I did I thought it was an amazing idea! I definitely didn't expect it to go viral but I'm really pleased that it has as I shared it to spread awareness, and it's really great to see that so many people think the same as I did when I saw it!"

    She added: "I think it's a brilliant campaign and although it may not always be necessary it's definitely better to be proactive than reactive.

    "It gives those who may be uncomfortable asking for help or saying no to a date etc an opportunity to do it in a discreet manner. It's useful to have it in place as a safety net."

    The poster was well received on Twitter.

    @iizzzzzi Thats amazing.Too many women don't want to make a fuss be seen to over react when they should trust their instinct .

    @iizzzzzi @howlieT I've been in a few pubs lately that have devised their own 'Ask for' schemes and put signs in the loos. Such a great idea

    So pleased to see the #NoMore pub/club poster has gone viral. As a partnership it was important to ensure we reached those in the NTE.

    And many people believe this should be a nationwide campaign.

    Just saw this #NoMore It's awesome we Definitely need to get behind making something like this…

    @iizzzzzi @LibbyCutts What a great idea!! Hope it catches on in other places.

    @iizzzzzi why is this not nationwide

    Hayley Child, substance misuse and sexual violence and abuse strategy coordinator for Lincolnshire county council (LCC), told BuzzFeed News the response to the #NoMore campaign had been "extremely positive".

    She said: "Its aims were to promote a culture change in relation to sexual violence and abuse, to promote services in the county and to empower victims to make a decision on whether to report to the police or Crimestoppers. The police, local districts, universities, LCC, and many other professional partners supported the campaign."

    Child said there were plans to relaunch the campaign in February 2017 to coincide with National Sexual Violence and Abuse Awareness Week.