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27 Dogs That Do Christmas Better Than You Do Christmas

Dogs do Christmas better than humans, it's a fact.

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1. This dog's in his finest festive clothes patiently waiting for the big day.

Instagram: @flynnsterthehipster

2. And this pupper whole heartedly believes tinsel, and tinsel only, should be worn at Christmas.

Instagram: @flyingkestrel

3. This doggo is thrilled to meet the big man himself.

Instagram: @luigi_linguini

4. This pair look stunning in all their Christmas finery.

Instagram: @allanpharaohhound

5. This little one is just looking out for some reindeer.

Instagram: @hqkr89

6. This is Romeo and he's serving festive fierceness.

Instagram: @rockinwithromeo

7. This Bichon knows you want him for Christmas.

Instagram: @preston_myers_the_bichon

8. You can't tell this pupper nothin' when he's got his Christmas glasses on.

Instagram: @dogzonedaycare

9. And this Great Dane is so over hearing that Christmas isn't the best holiday.

Instagram: @thorthedane

Because it is.

10. These matching pups make the rest of us look like trash.

Instagram: @mangothesheltie

11. This doggo is proud to rep Christmas 2017.

Instagram: @desertvizsla

12. What's a pup without it's trusty elf sidekick?

Instagram: @mythreedogs_3

13. This is Stella and she knows how to work her Christmas angles.

Instagram: @wholelottastella

14. The excitement on this little pupper's face is honestly too much.

Instagram: @dukebeans

15. This dog wrapped all these presents just for you.

Instagram: @katie_rosbrook

16. This little one has been waiting for Christmas dinner since January.

Instagram: @padme_lsylillyk

17. Bella has learnt all the words to "Santa Baby" ready for her Christmas performance.

Instagram: @bella_and_mom

18. This is a rare doggo-elf, he is the most helpful of the most Christmassy of the breeds.

Instagram: @mrsvermillionaire

19. Solo is fashionably blocking out all the Scrooges.

Instagram: @solo

22. This pupper loves Christmas so much he's getting lost in this wreath.

Instagram: @grumpygriffbob

23. This pupper works the Christmas jumper like no other.

Instagram: @clairey015

24. And this Pomeranian is hoping to one day be promoted to head reindeer.

Instagram: @tazthepomeranian

25. Mr and Mrs Claus have never looked so good.

Instagram: @collarmecrazee

26. This pup is grinning because she knows for a fact she's on the nice list.

Instagram: @iamjacktheyorkie

27. And this doggo simply lives for Christmas.

Instagram: @8perros

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