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Can You Make It To The End Without Hating Feet?

Feet are inherently gross, we just have to accept it.

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1. Feet are weird.

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2. If you look at them too long they just get weirder and weirder.

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3. Some feet are stretchy.

4. And some have one long toe.

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5. Some change colour.

6. And some can change shape.

7. Some feet are just damn wide.

8. Dancers have the strangest feet.

9. They're all arch and no toes.

10. Cyclists have it rough too.

11. Just look at that blister.

12. Feet can be friends.

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13. And sometimes toes can hate eachother.

14. Toes can also be long.

15. Like, ridiculously long.

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16. Are they fingers or are they toes? Who even knows.

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17. Do you hate feet yet? If not then brace yourself.

18. Because these bad boys are sure to do the job.

19. If you're still not bothered then you should check out these heels after they've been in the bath too long.

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