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    27 Of The Biggest Offences Committed To Toast

    Nothing will offend your eyes more than ramen on toast. H/T r/shittyfoodporn.

    1. This delicious sweetcorn, ramen, and mayonnaise concoction.

    2. This raspberry jam on toast lightly sprinkled with barbeque crisps.

    3. This classic dish of toothpaste on toast.

    4. This sausage laid carefully on top of a bed of peanut butter and lightly garnished with ketchup.

    5. This delicacy of yoghurt and huge chunks of apple on toast.

    6. This peanut butter and Marmite swirl that doesn't at all look like faeces.

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    They're the best on their own but together maybe not.

    7. This delicious looking creamed tuna and peas on toast.

    8. No toast is complete without ramen, ham, and cheese.

    9. And nothing is nicer than apple sauce on toast.

    10. This plain toast with a light dusting of mayonnaise.

    11. This lone burger on toast is simply breathtaking.

    12. This reheated spaghetti bolognese on toast. Yum!

    13. This classic dish of cheese on toast topped with grapes.

    14. These dinosaur nuggets on toast.

    15. This ketchup on toast looks absolutely divine.

    16. This exquisite range of flavours that consists of avocado, canned mackerel, and mustard.

    17. This feast of mayonnaise, cheese, and pizza rolls.

    18. This exquisite fusion of broccoli and tofurkey on toast.

    19. This gourmet meal of chocolate spread, M&Ms, and toast.

    Ok so these are delicious on their own but questionable on toast.

    20. This cheese and tomato ketchup on very, very well done toast.

    21. This heavenly tomato paste on toast.

    22. This incredibly appetizing chicken and chocolate spread on toast.

    23. This very inventive dish of cereal on toast.

    24. This hot dog and mayo on toast, served with a side of lettuce and cheese on toast.

    25. This dish asks the age old question of "does pineapple belong on toast?".

    26. And this one answers it with "yes but only if it's paired with Spam".

    27. And finally, get your tastebuds tingling with pickles and ketchup on toast.

    So yum!