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    19 Ways All '00s British Kids Fucked Up Their School Uniform

    We went to great lengths to make sure we looked ~random~.

    1. You'd roll up your blazer sleeves to give yourself that business chic look.

    2. And sometimes rolled your shirt sleeves up over your blazer.

    Straight from the pages of British Vogue.

    3. You made sure your tie was short and wide, because it was your status symbol.

    Twitter: @Marketakiss

    That way everyone would know you weren't a boff.

    4. Seriously, your tie was everything. You'd leave what was left of it hanging out of your jumper.

    5. Your tie was your canvas and you filled it with an assortment of safety pins and badges.

    6. But if you preferred the less preppy look they all went on your blazer with an undone tie.

    Twitter: @h0wls

    They went perfectly with your fringe swept over your eyes.

    7. Sometimes you rolled up your gigantic school shirt sleeves for that super indie look.

    Twitter: @louveyouqoodbye

    How else would anyone know your fave song was The Kooks' "Seaside"?

    8. And you obviously rolled up your ridiculously long skirt.

    It meant you had a big roll of fabric around your waist, but it was worth it.

    9. If you could get away with it you'd beg your mum to let you wear your New Look elastic skirt.

    Twitter: @adoringIarry

    It was usually only if your proper skirt was in the wash.

    10. You'd always try to cover up the hideousness of your uniform with a hoodie.

    11. And push your thumbs through your school jumper.

    Twitter: @mblaseee

    That way you looked so cute.

    12. Your headphones were always peeking out of your collar.

    Twitter: @GingerJ3w

    You'd purposely play Evanescence very loudly, so everyone knew music was your life.

    13. You had to have a belt that screamed "I'm an anarchist".

    You couldn't fit it through your belt loops, it was purely decoration.

    14. It was a requirement that your shoes were a classic '00s chunky heel.

    Twitter: @wortleylisa

    Bonus points if they were Kickers.

    15. And that you showed you were random and funky through your laces.

    16. If you didn't have laces then neon socks were the only way anyone would know you were an individual.

    Twitter: @waterrrangel

    Even better if they were knee length.

    17. Your neon shag-bands were essential accessories.

    18. As well as your scoobies, which you painstakingly spent all night working on.

    Twitter: @xitsnoreen

    You sometimes sold them to your friends for 30p or 10p if they qualified for mates rates.

    19. This of course was all just preparation for the very last day of school where you could properly violate your school uniform.

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