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37 Things You Thought You’d Do As An Adult When You Were A Kid

You thought that by now you'd at least own a waterpark.

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1. You vowed that as an adult you'd never sleep when the sun was up.

2. And you thought you’d stay up all night and watch every TV show possible when, really, late-night TV sucks.

3. You thought you’d eat sweets for breakfast.

4. And sweets for lunch.

5. And obviously you’d eat chocolate for dinner, with a side of sweets.

6. You thought by now you’d have completed your goal of getting locked in a department store for a night and trying out all the cool stuff.

7. You were convinced you’d be either a vet or a bus driver in the daytime and a pop star at night.

8. You thought you would get to swear whenever you want and watch all the TV shows with all the swearwords.

9. You thought you would probably own a plane and at least be able to fly it, or if not then you would have your own personal pilot.

10. You thought you’d be in today's Spice Girls equivalent.

11. You were convinced you’d do everything differently from your parents and never say no to your kid.

12. You thought you’d definitely own a zoo.

13. Or at least a donkey sanctuary, which would somehow fund your sweet addiction.

14. You thought you’d know how to do a flip by now.

15. You thought you’d own a mansion with a butler who would cook you your favourite food any time you want.

16. In that mansion there would also be a room where all four walls, the floor, and ceiling are made of trampoline and you’d just bounce off of the walls all day.

17. Of course you had big plans for there being a whole floor of dogs, where you could train them on an agility course and play with them all day.

18. And you obviously wouldn’t walk down the stairs: Your house would be made up of a series of slides that you would never tire of.

19. Everyone wants a nice garden, but you thought the real highlight of your outdoor space would be the waterpark with no queues and a huge wave pool.

20. You knew as an adult wouldn’t have any sofas in your house, just beanbags and blow up chairs.

21. The most important feature of your house was going to be the giant chocolate fountain that was consistently on.

22. This would lead into the giant chocolate pool that you occasionally took a dip in and didn’t make you feel sticky or give you any health complications.

23. It was really important to you that you’d have a room dedicated to your favourite boy band member so that if they ever visited they would know how much you loved them, and for some reason they wouldn’t find this creepy at all.

24. You just presumed you’d have a giant walk in wardrobe like the one out of The Princess Diaries.

25. This would house an extensive collection of headbands and “funky jewellery” which would show off your totally random style.

26. You thought by this point there would be a machine that would put outfits together for you and tell you what to wear.

27. As a child you thought you’d know Britney Spears on a personal level and you’d have so many sleepovers together watching films and taking grainy webcam pictures.

28. And if not, then you’d at least be in a real life princess' inner circle.

29. You thought you’d be a theme park season pass holder and would probably go on a roller coaster once a week just because you could.

30. You thought you’d ride your bike without a helmet.

31. You thought you’d own at least 67 lava lamps and be the mother to over 5 Tamagotchis.

32. You could vividly imagine yourself buying yourself anything you wanted from Toys R Us and thought that as an adult you would have have an array of karaoke machines.

33. You thought you would have camped out in your garden once a week.

34. You were certain that you’d be a spy.

35. And you were sure you’d have a cool secret tree house to do all your secret spy stuff in.

36. You were convinced that by now you’d have some sort of idea what your super power is and be secretly saving the world, not stuck in this mortal, boring, adult life.

37. At the very least you thought you’d have been visited by the future version of you.