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    31 Perks Of Having Teeny-Tiny Boobs

    You can still fit into your training bra!

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    1. You can run without needing to hold your boobs or them hitting you in the face.

    2. And sports bras actually do stop your boobs moving.

    3. The bralette trend really suits you and your flat chest.

    4. You don’t have to keep buying bras, because your boobs never grow so you really get your wear out of them.

    5. In fact, you’re basically still wearing the same bra you did when you were 12 and you haven’t had to spend money on new ones since.

    6. And you didn’t have to endure that much embarrassing bra shopping with your mum because of your lack of puberty.

    7. You’ve never had to experience the quad-boob.

    8. You can sleep on your front.

    9. And in general feel minimal pain when something hits your chest.

    10. You require such minimum support that a bra isn’t even essential anyway, unless you don’t want your nips on show.

    11. Which means you can slip into the loos and take your bra off without anyone noticing.

    12. Because your boobs don’t take up much bra space, you can fit more essential items in there like money or a chocolate bar.

    13. You’ve never had that issue where your shirt buttons pop open because of your boobs.

    14. You’ve never had trouble finding a bikini top to fit, because you can just opt for a bandeau and feel supported.

    15. And the beach is a lot more of a nip-slip free zone because you can easily buy a bikini top that covers 100% of your nipples' range.

    16. You can buy tops from the kids/teens section, which works out way cheaper than buying adult clothes.

    17. Plus you own tops that you wore when you were 11 so haven’t had to throw anything away.

    18. Your boobs stay firmly in their assigned seats even in the lowest-cut tops.

    19. You also get your pick of the men's section too!

    20. And you’ve come to love your sternum and don’t mind showing it off on a night out.

    21. If you’re wearing a top where your bra might show, you just don’t wear a bra.

    22. You can still buy training bras, which are drastically cheaper.

    23. You own so many padded bras that you’re never short of a spare pillow.

    24. Because of your tiny boobs, you often look younger and have got away with buying a child’s ticket to the cinema once or twice.

    25. You form an unspeakable bond with other girls with tiny boobs.

    26. And swap secrets about where to get the cutest bras.

    27. You rarely experience boob sweat.

    28. And boob chafing is only a myth to you.

    29. You don’t have to go through the pain of wearing a bra with underwire if you don’t want to.

    30. Which means that you haven’t experienced that awful feeling of underwire popping out and cutting you.

    31. Sure, you got told you were in the “itty-bitty titty committee” when you were younger, but now you embrace and love your small boobs.

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