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25 Things That Will Make All British People Cringe

A lot gets under our skin tbh.

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5. When you have to cough on the toilet because you know your poop plop is going to be loud.

Sometimes I cough when I have big poo to cover up the sound of impact, just out of politeness.

8. When you've had to double flush and you are so scared that people outside the cubicle heard it and know exactly what went down in that cubicle.

A double flush from a toilet stall is similar to the rattle of a snake. Ignore the warning at your own peril.


10. When you have to watch your friend make your cup of tea wrong.

my friend just made me a tea & put the milk in first WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG SO SO WRONG


13. When you say thank you to an inanimate object.

I just said "thank you" to an automatic door

16. When you're at a nice meal with your family and they feel the need to talk about politics.

If I have learned anything in my years of life: Politics is not a pleasant family dinner conversation.


19. When you're having a conversation with someone, and you didn't hear what they said, and then you didn't hear again when they repeated themselves so instead of asking again you just nod along with whatever the fuck they're saying.


22. When you mistakenly think your headphones are plugged in.

Tell me anything more embarassing than thinking your headphones are plugged in but theyre not & your comp screams "PREVIOUSLY ON..."