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22 "Powerpuff Girl" Products That Every Empowered Woman Needs

"Smash the patriarchy!"

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1. This cute phone case, from Redbubble:

2. This unique wooden spoon set, from Etsy:

3. This chemical X pin, which will help you discreetly show your love of The Powerpuff Girls, from Etsy:

4. These adorable Bubbles cookie cutters, from Etsy:

5. These sweet Powerpuff Girls skater dresses, from Etsy:

6. And if you're feeling more risqué then there's these latex dresses, also from Etsy:

7. This essential throw pillow, from Redbubble:

8. And this matching Redbubble duvet cover:

9. These pretty iron-on patches, from Ebay:

10. This badass sticker, from Redbubble:

11. This '90s vintage Tshirt, from Etsy:

12. This handmade minimalist poster, from Etsy:

13. These delightful Etsy cupcake toppers.

14. This fierce Etsy '90s choker:

15. These glamorous eyeshadow palettes, from Peripera:

16. And these sparkly cushion foundations, also from Peripera:

17. This super useful watch from Ebay:

18. These adorable plush toys, from Argos:

19. This comic book wallet, from Etsy:

20. This inspiring towel, from Amazon:

21. This empowering T-shirt, from Redbubble:

22. This very useful notebook, from the Warehouse: