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    25 Hilarious Tweets About Sending Nudes

    "Now that it's abandoned nudes, I hope Playboy goes with its other major brand identity and becomes a magazine about a very fancy rabbit."

    1. This photoshoot.

    [posing nude] ME: make sure to capture all of my body's contours DMV GUY: again, this is entirely inappropriate for a license photo

    2. This saucy pic.

    3. This miracle.

    4. This laundry disaster.

    I hate it when i drop my laundry. @totalfratmove

    5. This gift.

    *when she send you nudes and you ain't even ask for em*

    6. This comparison to one of the greats.

    Nudes are an art, you aren't a hoe you're a Leonarhoe Da Vinci.

    7. And this one too.

    nudes are art so you ain't a hoe you a vincent van ghoe

    8. This very, very accurate moment.

    when he sees u naked for the first time

    9. This brutal comeback.

    Want his attention? Send nudes Want to piss him off? When he responds, reply "Oops, wrong person"

    10. This explicit photoshoot.

    11. This totally real biblical story.

    [In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth...] EARTH: yo GOD: what? EARTH: send nudes GOD: *creates Adam & Eve* EARTH: nice

    12. This absolute burn.

    I don't know what's more embarrassing, accidentally sending nudes to your boss or getting a pay decrease as a result of your nudes.

    13. And this letdown.

    When you send him your highest quality nudes and all you get back is an "oh nice"

    14. This intellectual conversation.

    regular people: good morning baby, i love u me (an intellectual): wake up send nudes bitch

    15. This gingerbread disaster.

    I hate it when my sprinkles spill..🙄 #deckthehalls

    16. This danger.

    When you go to compose a tweet and your nudes pop up on the bottom of the screen like sis can I get some privacy

    17. This actual horror.

    Kidnapper: Pay up or I'll leak your nudes Me: So what? K: Then I'll tweet your drafts M: Ok don't do anything crazy we can work this out

    18. This woodwork disaster.

    I hate it when I drop my sandpaper

    19. This pitch.

    Now that it's abandoned nudes, I hope Playboy goes with its other major brand identity and becomes a magazine about a very fancy rabbit.

    20. This artistic flair.

    Adding the final touches to my photoshopped nudes before I send it off

    21. This wholesome request gone wrong.

    [texting my girlfriend] wyd? "Just finished my homework" Cool, Send a pic (; ? *gf sends a nude* Ewww wtf!! i meant of your homework!

    22. This ultimate revenge.

    if someone broke up with me id stop talking to them for months and then "accidentally" send them my best nudes & then continue not talking

    23. This historically accurate advice.

    24. This artwork.

    Just found my old line rider i made in school

    25. And this accident.

    one day I'll get the hang of this 😔😔