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24 Things Brummies Are Tired Of Hearing

"Iym from Burrrrrrminghammm Iy am."

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1. "Birmingham has no culture."

Brum is basically the most diverse place ever and has an incredible Vaisakhi celebration every year.


7. "It's all concrete isn't it?"

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Yes, we've always wondered what that weird prickly green stuff was. Seriously. Sutton park is 2400 acre nature reserve and is one of the most urban parks in Europe.


12. "Do you even have any sport?"

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Nope, we know nothing about world class cricket and football, and we certainly aren't home to the UK's leading athletics club.


17. "OMG I love Cadbury World!"


Yeah it's great but Brummies would never pay for that when someone in their family almost always works there and will get you free chocolate.


24. "Honestly though, what has Birmingham even given the rest of the world?"

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The Balti, culture, scientific advances, great music, art, and of course Ozzy Osbourne.


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