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    24 Cringe Things All Year 7s Did In The '00s

    It was a time for being "random" and fearing year 11s.

    1. You thought year 11s were so grown up and couldn't wait until prom.

    2. You took back to back photos with your bezzie.

    3. And posed like this for your Bebo profile photo.

    4. Or this.

    5. You got a friend to ask your crush out for you.

    6. Your backpack was as big as you.

    7. You bought something from J.D specifically so you could use the carrier bag as your P.E bag.

    8. Or you'd use a Jane Norman bag.

    9. You wore your tie super short and fat.

    10. Only to have someone pull it down so it knotted.

    11. You'd run between classes.

    12. Every morning you'd apply an obscene amount of lipgloss.

    13. You described yourself as "random".

    14. This was of course shown in your choice of "funky" socks.

    15. You had a "thing" that everyone knew you for and no one could copy because it was your "thing".

    16. You wore these chunky heels as your school shoes.

    17. And everyone had to wear these Primark white pumps on non school uniform day.

    18. You spent your nights doing ridiculously cringe things on MSN.

    19. Like popping up to your crush and typing a message and saying, omg wrong person, but it wasn't and you just wanted to get their attention.

    20. Or logging on and off MSN loads to get their attention.

    21. And choosing what emoticon to put in your name.

    22. You thought you were so clever trying to trick SmarterChild.

    23. You'd bulk buy sweets and sell them to your friends.

    24. And you'd hide them in your blazer that was 10000 times too big.